Lavender Repels Mosquitoes

I like scents. Its just a fact of life; I wear perfume every day, use scented hairspray, body cream, hand cream and shampoo. That is, unless I’m going to a school or the hospital or a government office, because in Nova Scotia those are ‘scent free’ zones.

And I’m pretty sure that somebody up there is getting me back for wearing all those scents.

See,¬† I am the mosquito queen. Everywhere I go, people are thrilled because the mosquitoes are eating me. I might smell nice but I am being eaten alive, ensuring that¬† everyone else can enjoy the day. Its gotten to the point where I don’t want to go outside except in a screened in area, and even then those little buggers manage to find me. It must be the scented products I wear, flaunting protocol in this scent free province.

Well, not any more!

When I worked at Pure Lavande in Quebec, I informed everyone of the properties and benefits of ‘la lavande’. I distinctly remember telling them that the scent of lavender keeps bacteria, mice, and mosquitoes away. And that it is anti spasmodic, anti bacterial, anti fungus, well you get the picture. But it is a repellent to mosquitoes! I just remembered my own advice.

So this morning, before going out to weed my garden, I sprayed some lavender ‘Bruine d’Ambience’, or room spray over my hair and body. I know its not meant for bodies, but hey, I’m desperate and the weeds are taking over.

It is now a half hour later, the garden is weeded and I am BITE FREE!!! The little buggers stayed away – Well, they might not like the smell of lavender but I do.

So my next plan of action is to change all my smelly things, like shampoo, body lotion and hair spray over to lavender scented ones.

And to all the hungry mosquitoes out there, “Hahahaha! Go find yourselves someone else to feast on.”