The Lavender is Coming, The Lavender is Coming…

The lavender is coming, the lavender is coming…and I can’t wait to see my little patch of heaven all in bloom. Did you know that lavender has two flowerings per season? Most people don’t. The first and most plentiful flowering is in July and it lasts about a month. If you don’t harvest the flowers, that’s all you get. However, if at the end of the flowering you cut off the flowers from the plant, in August they will start new growth for more flowers in September. The second flowering is not as abundant as the first, but is nonetheless lovely.

This week I’ve noticed my lavender plants start to be fuller and the little tiny stems of future flowers  are pushing up.

Notice also that the plant is becoming greener and there are less dead looking woody branches. By the way, do NOT give your lavender plant a haircut! In the spring, it will look grey and half dead, but with the advent of warm weather and sunshine that dead looking growth will sprout new growth, making a larger plant.

Soon they will look like this:

I have lots of uses and recipes for lavender, which I’ll share with you as the summer progresses.

4 thoughts on “The Lavender is Coming, The Lavender is Coming…

  1. You will have to help me plant some lavender at our new place in Upper Tantallon!


  2. Looks gorgeous girl ! Thanx for the flowering lesson .



  3. Love it! Mine is still looking grey, I don’t think it made it!


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