Lavender and Blueberries

I am going to call my hobby farm Lavender and Blueberries. Nice name, don’t you think? I picked it because that is what’s growing in my front yard. Two years ago I planted 60 lavender plants in four rows of fifteen, and now beginning their third summer, they start to look like something.

Now I know they look kind of dead right now, but just wait, in a few weeks all the new growth will show and they will fill out.

See, in 2009, before moving to Nova Scotia, I worked at a lavender farm in Quebec, Pure Lavande, and I learned all about lavender, its cultivation, uses and benefits. I just couldn’t get enough of the stuff. As happy as I was to move to Atlantic Canada, I was sad to leave the farm and my friends behind. So I decided to have a mini version of the farm right in my own front yard.

The other thing is the blueberries. I just love them! I had never heard of high bush blueberries before coming East, but Nova Scotia’s blueberries are second only to their apples. I had to have some in my yard as well as the lavender.

These bushes are starting their second summer now. Maybe we’ll get more than a cereal bowl full this time! There are ten bushes, of varying kinds of blueberries; some will bear fruit mid July, some in August and the rest in September. I wanted to have a steady supply of them. Now let’s hope that our feathered friends don’t get more than me!

2 thoughts on “Lavender and Blueberries

  1. Looking fw to seeing your garden in the summer ! You’ll have to fill me in on all you know about lavender .May take some time as I’m a slow learner .lol! Love high bush blueberries !


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