The Lavender is Coming, The Lavender is Coming…

The lavender is coming, the lavender is coming…and I can’t wait to see my little patch of heaven all in bloom. Did you know that lavender has two flowerings per season? Most people don’t. The first and most plentiful flowering is in July and it lasts about a month. If you don’t harvest the flowers, that’s all you get. However, if at the end of the flowering you cut off the flowers from the plant, in August they will start new growth for more flowers in September. The second flowering is not as abundant as the first, but is nonetheless lovely.

This week I’ve noticed my lavender plants start to be fuller and the little tiny stems of future flowers  are pushing up.

Notice also that the plant is becoming greener and there are less dead looking woody branches. By the way, do NOT give your lavender plant a haircut! In the spring, it will look grey and half dead, but with the advent of warm weather and sunshine that dead looking growth will sprout new growth, making a larger plant.

Soon they will look like this:

I have lots of uses and recipes for lavender, which I’ll share with you as the summer progresses.

Lavender and Blueberries

I am going to call my hobby farm Lavender and Blueberries. Nice name, don’t you think? I picked it because that is what’s growing in my front yard. Two years ago I planted 60 lavender plants in four rows of fifteen, and now beginning their third summer, they start to look like something.

Now I know they look kind of dead right now, but just wait, in a few weeks all the new growth will show and they will fill out.

See, in 2009, before moving to Nova Scotia, I worked at a lavender farm in Quebec, Pure Lavande, and I learned all about lavender, its cultivation, uses and benefits. I just couldn’t get enough of the stuff. As happy as I was to move to Atlantic Canada, I was sad to leave the farm and my friends behind. So I decided to have a mini version of the farm right in my own front yard.

The other thing is the blueberries. I just love them! I had never heard of high bush blueberries before coming East, but Nova Scotia’s blueberries are second only to their apples. I had to have some in my yard as well as the lavender.

These bushes are starting their second summer now. Maybe we’ll get more than a cereal bowl full this time! There are ten bushes, of varying kinds of blueberries; some will bear fruit mid July, some in August and the rest in September. I wanted to have a steady supply of them. Now let’s hope that our feathered friends don’t get more than me!