Outnumbered in Montreal

Have you ever felt outnumbered? I mean really outnumbered?

While visiting  my son the past couple of days in Montreal, I found myself alone in the apartment this morning, and needing what I usually need as soon as I wake up, I discovered that there was NO COFFEE on the premises! Well, to tell the truth, there was a little bag of chocolate flavored coffee at the back of the cupboard that my son took from my place about three years ago, but that was all.

I knew that if I didn’t get some caffeine in me soon, I would be burdened with a huge headache. (This is addiction at its finest).

So off I went to explore the neighborhood…that early in the morning there wasn’t much open, but I did find a nice little Indian grocery where the owner told me to go ‘next door’ to get a coffee, as he didn’t have any in his shop. ‘Next door’ turned out to be the Greek-Canadian Club. I didn’t really care, as I needed that coffee.

I boldly opened the door and walked in. The place was packed. Tables and chairs were scattered about with hardly a free seat. People were playing cards, drinking coffee and in general, having a nice morning visit.

And then I stopped; every head in the room turned to look at me…every Greek, male, grey head, that is. Imagine being so outnumbered! I’m not Greek; I’m not male; and I’m not grey (well for all intents and purposes).

Standing there, on the threshold of running out the door or getting that prized coffee, I hesitated but for a moment and then continued my walk to the back of the place where another grey haired man was just brewing a fresh pot.

We chatted for a moment and then I left with my 1$ coffee, steaming hot, in a Styrofoam cup. Success! Every head in the place turned to watch my exit, and then they resumed their card playing.

I went back to the Indian grocery store to thank the man and to pick up a few oranges. Three for 1$ looked pretty good to me. Back in Nova Scotia, they would have been 1$ each. With his cigarette, he pointed to my coffee.

“You have coffee, and I have cigarettes; each one to his addiction”, he said.

No kidding ‘eh?

Only in Montreal. I love it!