Suit Yourself!


Last December 3rd my husband and I were in Halifax for a gala dinner and evening at the Delta Halifax. I had brought my best dress for the occasion, a brown sleeveless shift that would be appropriate. With brown pumps to match and a shawl that sort of went with it all, I wouldn’t be the belle of the ball, but it would do.

At 5:50 PM we were ready to go to the Bluenose Room on the 8th floor for cocktails. Cocktails were from 6 to 7, and then, THE MEAL. Just before leaving our room, I happened to glance in the mirror. Big mistake.

“Oh no! My roots are showing.”

“Yes they are”, my husband replied.

“Shut up!”

“And my purple bra doesn’t really go with this brown dress. You can see it!”

“Hmmm…you’ll have to make sure you keep your arms down”

“Shut up!”

“And really, this dress is too big. I’ve lost weight since I last wore it.”

“Yeah, it really is loose on you.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“And my feet hurt already in these shoes.”

“Well put on your black ones, even if they don’t go with your dress.”

“You’re really not helping.”

And that’s when I started lamenting the fact that I didn’t buy the beautiful dress I had tried on that afternoon at an upscale dress shop down by the waterfront. I had stopped in to see the specials while power walking. It fit perfectly, had sleeves, it went with my black shoes, and it was on sale. My husband asked me if I wanted to go get it.



So we raced through Halifax’s suppertime rush hour traffic, dodging buses, taxis and other peons that were in our way. I think I left my stomach somewhere back on Bishop Street. Dave was a man with a mission. He told me that the store might not still be open, but we would do our utmost best to get there on time.

At 6:01 PM we arrived. Dave let me out in the middle of the street and went to park the car. With dismay, I looked in the window of the shop, and it was all darkness.


But wait – I could see through the window the girls just locking up and taking a big bag of garbage. I furiously knocked on the window and as Dave came up behind me, we ran around to the door where the girls were. Out of breath, I asked them if I could ‘just get something’, as I noticed that they had closed at 5:30. Well, they said, if you just want to get it, ok. That’s when I told them I had to try it on for my hubby. So two of them volunteered to stay behind and oblige me.

They turned on the lights and ushered me into the dressing room. Seconds later out came I, arms outstretched, looking for approval. Great! Sexy! Beautiful! So while one lady took payment for the dress, the other cut the tags off.

At 6:20 Dave and I walked demurely into the Bluenose Room for cocktails, he in a suit and moi wearing my newest acquisition. Honestly I got more compliments that evening than I ever did on any other outfit. More than on my wedding day, if you can imagine.

Only in Halifax!

Thank you SO much to those two lovely ladies at Suit Yourself who, seeing my desperation and disappointment on December 3rd, took the time to cater to me when they were already way past closing time.




10 thoughts on “Suit Yourself!

  1. Cool story!!! Cool lady. I’m back and rested, hoping for cast off tomorrow. And then back to 2 handed world. Would love to know more about Newcomers and the party etc. etc. Call – 902-300-9190


  2. Love the dress, looks great on you!!! What a nice hubby you have. Bob enjoyed the story too.


  3. We could also have encouraged you to take the bra off!


  4. good story. but what did you do about the purple bra and the roots??? keep smiling.


  5. Did anyone ever tell you that you should write more. You should write more. Love your stories.


  6. Life is good and while I was reading this I was thinking why din’t you wear the pretty one in the picture you posted on Facebook? Thank you Dave for looking out for Chris.


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