Listening to the Silence

The past month has been hectic, high speed, hopeful, heartfelt, and sometimes hilarious. I went to work, marketed my book and tried to deal with Christmas. Don’t get me wrong; I love Christmas, but this was the first one that I worked right up to December 24th since I was 16 and working in my father’s jewelery store in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Somewhere in between the madness, I got it all done; Christmas came and went and I didn’t die, although I felt quite guilty for not contacting the people I love. I had but three days off and decided to spend it quietly with my family; the phone calls would have to wait.

Now it is January 3rd and I think I got it all done.

This morning I kissed my hubby good bye as he left for work after an 18 day vacation. Then I made breakfast for Aaron and bid him goodbye as he went back to school after an 18 day vacation. I headed for the treadmill and did my morning’s workout.

And then I sat in the living room drinking a glass of water.

It was quiet.

I could hear the fridge running in the silence. That’s all. There was no other sound.

It was my first day with nothing serious on the program in a couple of months and I sat there listening to the sound of the fridge running.

I loved it.

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