Reflecting on 2011

Reflecting back on 2011

I became active on on April 27th, just after outdoing myself on the eats on Easter weekend. I felt pretty much like a failure, and an overweight one at that. I was uncomfortable in my own skin (if you can say that) and I wore pretty much the same clothes all the time because nothing else fit. My cholesterol was high enough for meds and my doctor gave me one last chance to clean up my act before insisting I start taking them. Confidence was in the gutter and I just wanted to fade into the background.
Through gentle encouragement and by example, my accountability group taught me that I am worthy of being loved, that I count, what a portion was, how to bare my soul, how to accept and give help, how to actually run (!), and to celebrate my successes. I learned that being a perfectionist is what had hindered me in the past, and that moving in the right direction while keeping my eyes on the goal is how success is achieved.
I became 17 lbs lighter in my body, but 75 lbs lighter in my spirit and in my step. I got my book printed, and almost met my goal of selling them all. Because of the influence of the group I gained enough self-confidence to speak in public without dying and I actually got a job. Oh, and after four months on this healthy plan, my cholesterol got into a normal level. I ran for 20 minutes without stopping, a feat I could never have dreamed of accomplishing before. All this is directly because of the influence and encouragement of my accountability group.

As I grew myself, I watched my teamies grow. I watched as some revealed more and more of themselves, becoming transparent with the group and sharing issues from their personal lives and accepting the compassion or rejoicing that was offered. I watched us all shrink in physical size as our hearts grew larger and larger. We laughed, we cried, we supported and we cheered each other on. And as we grew we came to realize that there was more blessing in supporting others than in whining about our own mosquito bites.
My original ‘why’ was all about getting healthy and losing enough weight to fit into the clothes in my closet. As I make goals for 2012 my ‘why’ will deal with losing a few more pounds, maintaining my weight, and being the change I want to see in my world.

Some personal benefits I have gained through my experience on this year are that I have gained much more confidence than I had ever thought possible; I feel presentable both inside and out; and I have learned to love myself, accept my limitations, and to not beat up on myself when I make a mistake. I am more able to just pick up and move on.
My new healthy lifestyle has given me more to smile about, it’s made me a much nicer person, and I am thrilled to have ‘met’ so many wonderful people on the same path. Here in my hometown I have developed deeper relationships with everyone around me, family as well as friends.
I think that my biggest obstacle in becoming who I am today was that I never really believed I could lose weight. My false assumptions about getting older, menopause, and my energy levels were pretty hard to lay aside. However, once I did start to see results, and once my weight started to come off, my energy levels soared (well, sort of). I discovered that I could help other women my age overcome their misconceptions about menopause and aging, and to realize that there is a vitality waiting for them if they want it. I became proud of my age and looks instead of trying to deny them.

So in wishing you all a Happy New Year with many successes and blessings in your life, I invite you to give Transformation a try… it’s at

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2011

  1. Wow! What great things you have done ,Chris ! Way to go girl!

    Wishing all the best to you and Dave in the New Year and can’t wait to see you guys in June or earlier.

    We are in Mesa now and I”m enjoying the warm weather plus the pool daily.I”m getting my endurance slowly build up but it will take time.No pain ….gone forever !

    Raylene and Billy xxxxooo


  2. Congrats on all your accomplishments in 2011, well done!!! I hope 2012 is even better for you. By the way do you have 4 of your books left? I would like to buy them for some friends in Calgary and Airdrie.

    A Happy and Prosperous 2012 to you and yours,
    Eileen and Bob


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