Getting Things Accomplished Today?

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I’m running around doing a lot of little things and accomplishing nothing. And then I wonder why I’m tired. And then I feel guilty for  not getting enough done and also for being tired. So one day last week I was indoors doing my usual routine, feeling that I had too much to do and getting nothing done. I decided to write down hour by hour what I accomplished.

It looked something like this:

By 9AM: I had breakfast, made Aaron’s breakfast, commented on 20 profiles on Tcom, ironed 2 shirts, cooked rice for supper, got dressed, made bed, folded and put away laundry.

By 10 AM: cleaned up the kitchen, made fudge for craft show, dug parsley out from under previous day’s snowfall, made kafta balls for pot luck dinner this evening, brushed teeth, washed face.

By 11AM: Made a shake for meal #2, did my moves on Facebook scrabble, went for a brisk 40 min. walk, hung the laundry to dry,

By 12 noon: Knit scarf while watching on TV, cleaned ashes out of fireplace.

By 1PM: ate meal #3: coffee and protein bar, read the weekly flyers, phoned my sis.

By 2 PM: Made 14 Christmas cards from photos.

By 3PM: Watched a video about bone density, ate meal #4: protein pancakes, wrapped 6 fudge pans, cut up pears, lemons and ginger for marmalade.

By 4 PM: Washed the dishes, washed marmalade jars, cooked marmalade, made hang tags for marmalade.

By 5PM: Curled hair for the evening’s outing, bottled the marmalade

By 6PM: got Aaron’s supper, got cleaned up and dressed up to go out.

When I reread that, I got tired. Do you often have days when you don’t think you’re accomplishing  much but you really are? I think that more often than not, we women underestimate ourselves!

What did you do today?