Becoming Lighter

There are 18 steps to the Transformation program. I have just finished #8, The Big Forgive…

I can’t believe how much ‘lighter’ I feel in body and spirit since doing it; the step I dreaded for the past few weeks has been instrumental to my beginning to soar!

I have also learned to think more positively. For example instead of saying I lost 10 lbs, I now say I became 10 lbs lighter – think about it for a minute.

I have lost weight in the past 8 weeks – NO! I have become lighter, in every sense of the word.

It’s funny, every other time I have tried to ‘lose weight’, by the fifth or sixth week I would plateau and then quit. What’s different this time? I am pretty sure that the community connection on the Transformation site  and giving my all to the steps have made an incredible difference. My husband remarked last evening that I look younger – that’s quite a compliment for this 57 year old!

Another thing that is different this time is that through the steps I am slowly changing my thought patterns. For example, yesterday I was driving somewhere and I got lost. I drove more than an hour out of my way to get to where I was going. As I was driving I started to think that this happens to me more than I’d care to admit. And then I started to cry in the car, so ashamed of myself for getting lost again. Then I thought of someone I know who has trials much worse than getting lost,  and I said to myself, “It is what it is”. Don’t let this ruin such an otherwise beautiful day. Instead, get on the right route and have a GREAT day. And later on, figure out what went wrong so that I don’t make that particular mistake again.

I did go on to have a great day; I even bought a pair of shoes!!

I am lighter
My heart is lighter
My body is lighter
My outlook is lighter

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