My Food Program

I had said a couple of weeks ago that I would tell you what I am eating on this wonderful program. You’ll be surprised at the amount and frequency of my meals. At first I thought that in order to lose weight you had to just about starve yourself, and any diet I had followed in the past was just not sustainable because of that. It’s what makes Transformation so different.

Six days a week I eat six meals per day. Yes you read right – six meals per day. Now they are not huge meals but they are satisfying. Each meal must contain a protein and a carbohydrate and any amount of vegetables. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare; in fact, at any given time I can have three meals waiting in my purse if I’m out for the day. So here is an example of what I’m eating:

7:30  1 whole wheat toast with peanut or almond butter and a half banana

10:30 Protein shake with 2/3 cup of blueberries

1:00 Salad with chicken on top and 2 ryvita crackers

3:30 Protein bar

6:00 salmon with rice and steamed broccoli

8:30 apple with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese

In between I drink a few glasses of water, not enough to be waterlogged, but enough to keep me hydrated.

On the 7th day I can eat whatever I want. This is the time that all the cravings I had during the week can be satisfied: chocolate, pizza, fries, ice cream, whatever I want. When you are on a diet of sorts, the body starts to hold on to the fat and you stop losing. Did that ever happen to you? It always happened to me and at that point I would quit. Having a free day interrupts this phenomenon. The body doesn’t need to hang on to the fat because you are eating the fatty foods and sugar once a week.

The beauty of this food program is that you can get all your food at the grocery store and so it doesn’t cost any more than buying unhealthy food. And because you are eating six times a day, small meals, you are never too full and you are  never hungry. During the week if I have a craving I write it down and save it for my free day.

There is a book that Bill Phillips wrote called Eating for Life; that is my cookbook of choice as it has plenty of balanced, low fat meals…and they’re all good. In fact, they are delicious!

There is more to this program than just food and exercise. I’ll tell you about one of the other parts next time.

Keep healthy!

4 thoughts on “My Food Program

  1. Christine sounds good a bit light at lunch but manageable. I was told to eat 6 meals also as it keeps balanced sugar levels. I will make an attempt.


  2. Nope – we eat the same thing; it’s just healthy eating, ie. Chicken Enchiladas, Taco pasta salad, spaghetti and meatballs, turkey meatloaf, grilled salmon…the guys just eat a little more. In fact, they love the food I’ve been cooking on this program. Most of my recipes come from Eating for Life by Bill Phillips.


  3. So what does your husband eat while you are on this diet? Are you on separate eating schedules? Does he cook for himself? Just wondering.


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