I Wanted to be Ten Again

Did you hear the story about the woman who was turning 40 and her husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday? She said, “I want to be ten again.” He told her he would do his best –

So on the day of her birthday he took her out to a fairground and took her on all the rides: the rollercoaster, the loop de loop, crazy teacups and the merry go round. Then he bought her some cotton candy and he even won her a giant stuffed monkey at the balloon-busting contest. After that he took her to a fancy ice cream parlour and treated her royally to an ice cream sundae. To finish up they went to a toy store where she was able to choose anything she wanted. Finally at the end of the day they arrived home and she was exhausted. He asked her if she had enjoyed her day. Her answer?

“You idiot! When I said I wanted to be ten again I didn’t mean my age; I meant my pants size!”

Don’t we all want to be ten again? I know I do. As my weight crept up the past few years I graduated from size ten to twelve and then even those started to be tight. I wanted to be ten again so badly.

The good news is in: I AM ten again!! I went to a store the other day and started trying on some nice black jeans – the ones I finally bought are size ten! This is a milestone for me. The program is working. Trust the process, they said, and they were right.

Now what do I want next?

I want to be eight again!

3 thoughts on “I Wanted to be Ten Again

  1. Congrats Chris!!! Keep up the good work.


  2. Ha ha Marian! I do feel great-


  3. Congratulations! You must feel great…just don’t go for zero.


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