I Crossed the Abyss!

I had all the tools I needed, but they were just sitting there, not being used. As winter gave way to spring I was so dissatisfied with my weight and appearance that I just had to do something. Easter weekend came; I had three dinners that weekend: one at home on Saturday, one at a friend’s place on Sunday, and one with family on Monday. I kept thinking of all the videos, the book, the transformation.com site all waiting for me as I ate my way through Saturday and Sunday.

Then it happened.

Sunday evening I made a decision that is changing my life. In the Transformation book, Bill talks about knowing all the things you must do in order to have a healthy life, but they are not much good to you until you decide to DO something about it. It’s called ‘crossing the abyss’ – moving from knowing to doing. That’s what happened to me on Easter Sunday evening. I decided that there will never be a better time to start to get my life in control. There will always be special occasions, outings, dinners and parties. The time is now!

So I went on the Transformation site, went to a forum and asked for help – to find an accountability partner and also to find an accountability group to join. I got a few responses almost right away and I ended up in a group called Transforming with Marty and Carin. Both of them are Transformation champions; they started out at unhealthy weights, followed the 18 week Transformation plan and really came out on top, so they know what they are talking about. So I report in to the forum every day to be accountable, to vent, to learn and to encourage others. In addition to being part of a group, I found an accountability partner, or should I say, she found  me. And I report in to her every day as well. That was five weeks ago.

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