Easter Musings

Put on your Easter bonnet; with all the frills upon it…do you remember that song? Probably not, unless you were born before 1965.  When I was young, I always got a new hat and dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday. The hat was usually a wide brimmed one with flowers on the band and wide ribbon streamers flowing down the back. Sometimes there was an elastic than went under the chin so the hat wouldn’t blow off in those strong Newfoundland gusts of wind.

We didn’t do egg hunts back then; the ‘Easter Bunny’ would come during the night and leave a little gift and some chocolate under the bed. So on Easter morning the first place we used to go was under the bed to see what we got. Skipping ropes, marbles, jacks (if you know what jacks are, then you’re almost as old as me), and other springtime things could be found, as well as a  chocolate bunny. This would be followed by egg cracking contests where we each took a dyed hard boiled egg and cracked it against another person’s egg. The one with the egg that didn’t crack was the winner!

When my children were young there were a few different traditions. On Easter morning they had Easter baskets at the table with a spring gift which could have been a T shirt, bathing suit, bike pump or a baseball hat, along with a solid chocolate bunny. They never got to eat the bunnies because later on we melted them down with a little cream for a chocolate fondue. Then they would go on the hunt and fill their baskets with chocolate and cream eggs which had been hidden all around the house. Sometimes we found Easter eggs in December!

The Easter meal was usually ham or turkey with chocolate fondue for dessert. A high point of the day was when the children  watched  their chocolate bunnies sink lower and lower in the pot as they melted down for the fondue. Then I would put a huge platter on the table filled with strawberries, bananas, pineapple chunks, pears, oranges and apples which we dipped in the chocolate. Wonderful memories!

My destiny is fondue

This year we had company for supper last evening; today we’re going to an Easter buffet at a friend’s place, and tomorrow will be the big family Easter meal with 12 in attendance. And there will be a little egg hunt for my grandchildren! Happy Easter everyone

2 thoughts on “Easter Musings

  1. Love to have that ham recipe Eileen! This year I cooked the ham in a Southern Comfort/ brown sugar glaze. It was great!


  2. Ah yes the song Easter Bonnet, I remember that…use to sing it but can’t remember much of it now. Yes I got the new dress, hat and shoes and Easter Bunny and maybe a small gift. I loved getting the new outfit and wearing it to church. We also had either ham or turkey for dinner. (And yes I remember jacks too!)
    Now I usually host the big family Easter dinner with our ‘Western Family’ and that is usually 12-14 people. We do the easter egg hunt and eggs on table for everyone. I always do a special ham recipe that is delicious!!! (I can send it to Chris when I get back to Norway.) Everyone brings appies, salad, dessert, pickles, or bread etc. I do the potatoes and veggies. Missing that fun gathering this year, but we are enjoying Johannesburg.
    Hope you had a great Easter, Eileen and Bob


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