My Parents are 3G

3G all the way!

Talking about generations (3G), I have to do a little bragging here…

My husband surprised me with a Kindle 3G a few weeks ago and since then I have been voraciously reading everything I can download on it, including free books from the Kindle bestseller list. Imagine, about a week after I received mine, my parents, who have gone to Florida for a month, decided to buy one down there. They also bought a little netbook so that they could keep in touch with friends and family. They did their research beforehand: do they buy an Ipad or something else? Well, they decided that two toys for less than the price of the Ipad would fit the bill. Now they each have something to play with; while Mom is reading on the Kindle, Dad can surf the net on the netbook. And vice versa.

That’s not all. We talk via Skype regularly, and the other day, I brought Mom on a virtual tour of my house from my laptop.

Oh and did I mention that both Mom and Dad are in their 80’s? They might be the “older generation” but they are open to learning new things and enjoying life to the fullest. In the words of Tom Clancy,”Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die.”

In today’s world where a lot of aging people shun the net and everything technological, saying that they are too old to learn all that, all I can say is, “Kudos to you Mom and Dad! You’re 3G all the way: gracious, gregarious and avant-garde.”

3 thoughts on “My Parents are 3G

  1. I like you parents too and I haven’t met them either!!! Bravo to them for going 3G – Skype, Kindle and Netbook!!!

    Love the Tom Clancy quote too!!!


  2. I like your parents…and haven’t even met them.


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