How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Are you Rolling up the Rim to Win? The prizes are fantastic and all you have to do is just keep  buying coffee and rolling to your heart’s desire, right? Sooner or later you have to win something. I was a master roller some years ago, bought a couple of cups of joe a day in hopes of hitting it big. I got two things: 1. Poorer and 2. a couple of free coffees. Was it worth it? No way!

Cars lined up for a chance to Roll up the rim to win

Several years ago a single mom named Marie Andre was my hairdresser in St Eustache. You can imagine she didn’t make much money, but she was a great hairdresser. She had long tresses that were sometimes pink and sometimes purple and man, could she drink coffee! There was a Cinnabon Restaurant just across from the salon where she worked and she always had  a cup of Cinnabon coffee on her station. She used to tell me how hard it was to raise her son alone on a hairdressers salary. I could well imagine, and so I tipped her well each time I went.

One day I asked her, “Marie Andre, how many of those Cinnabon coffees do you drink a day?” and she told me she drank two, but when she worked evenings she drank three.

“Well, how much does one cost?”

“$2.25 plus tax.”

“So that means you spend at least $4.50 a day on coffee, and sometimes $6.75.”

“Yes, but it’s the only treat I have.”

So I did the math with her. Assuming she worked five days a week and only bought two coffees a day, that came out to $22.50 a week, before taxes; $90 a month, and $1080.00 a year. On Cinnabon coffee! Imagine what she could have done with that money.

So Marie Andre brought a coffee machine to work, made all her coffee, and drank to her heart’s content, knowing that she was saving at least $800 a year. That’s a lot of money.

I always think twice before buying a coffee now, knowing that I can have one at home for pennies. Starbucks is another place with overpriced coffee, and they say the price is going up due to the rising cost of coffee beans. When I was in Seoul earlier this year, the coffee-shop coffee was at least $5 a cup.

However, there is one place that I buy coffee every week on my way home from grocery shopping: The Irving Big Stop. Their coffee is .99, any size, any time, any flavor.

Big Stop coffee ad

5 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Coffee?

  1. When I am home from Norway I have to have a Tim’s coffee and a sandwich and their Trail Mix Cookie with Fruit and Nuts is awesome!!! The Oatmeal Raisin Spice is not bad too. But their sandwiches are the best!!! Sandwiches in Norway are totaly different.

    When is was living in Airdrie, Alberta after our exercise classes the ladies all went to Tim’s to chat, I miss that.


    • I hear you on the sandwiches – every time we go there Aaron orders the same thing: grilled chicken club sandwich, peach drink and fruit explosion muffin. When in Corner Brook, Mom and I used to go for walks that would always end up at Tim’s for a coffee.


  2. It certainly is a Canadian way of life – and wasn’t Tim Horton a hockey player?


  3. I’m from Hamilton, Ontario. Tim Horton’s began in Hamilton. We have a Tim Horton’s on almost every corner. Sitting in a Timmy’s over a coffee with family or friends after a shopping trip or a soccer game has become part of what we do. If we lived in Paris we’d go to the cafe, in Hamilton we do the donut shop.


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