Making Yogurt

It’s the third day of Spring! It is beautiful outside, albeit a little cool for this time of the year. You could say romance is in the air, but so are allergies. You can’t have it all I guess.

Last week I wrote that I would share with you some of my ways to save money, and I showed you how to make sprouts. Today it’s yogurt, or laban as we used to call it growing up. Yes, I am a yogurt eater from way back. Long before yogurt was commercially available, my mother had a green ceramic bowl in which she always had some yogurt “setting”. Only two ingredients are needed to make it: milk and some “starter”, which is simply a few spoonfuls of yogurt left over from the last batch. When I was young, we ate yogurt with a slice of bread broken into bits tossed in. It would then be topped with a couple of spoonfuls of sugar to cut the tartness. Often my parents ate it with a little salt. It was always homemade and it was always good. Nowadays we eat it with fruit, a little jam or on cereal.

A 600 ml container of yogurt costs between 3 and 4 dollars at the supermarket. I can make one liter (which is 1000ml) for the cost of the milk (about 1.70), and make it sugar free, sucralose free and almost fat free. Plus in this age of green, it’s better for the environment as there are no plastic containers to throw away. It’s not difficult to make, as  you will see:

Pour one liter of 1% milk into a pot. Add 1/3 cup of skim milk powder and stir. Heat the milk until it just starts to boil and then take it off the heat. Let it cool on the counter until the temperature is about           120 deg F; if you don’t have a thermometer, just let it cool until you can put your pinkie finger in and count to 20. It’s about the same thing.

Waiting for the temperature to come down to 120deg F.

When it is at the right temperature, stir in about 1/2 cup of plain prepared yogurt. Then cover it and put it in a warm place for 8 hours. Before I had a yogurt maker, I used to wrap the yogurt bowl and put it on top of the fridge because it is warm there. Or you can put it in the oven with just the light on. Cool in the fridge and then you can add sweetener, jam or fruit.

All ready to put in the yogurt maker for 8 hours.

Can you imagine, I bought  my yogurt maker at Frenchys for 4$ and it was brand new, still in the box!

4 thoughts on “Making Yogurt

  1. hey, christine, i was smiling as i was reading your article about yogurt. it’s the exact same instructions i learned from my mom. freida and theresa obviously listened when their mom was teaching them!


  2. Eileen you can use skim milk; however, without the addition of skim milk powder the yogurt could be too runny. The way I make it, the spoon stands up in it. I add vanilla and sweetener…love it!


  3. Thanks Chris, I love yogurt… can you use skim milk instead of 1% or the powder? I could flavour mine with maple syrup, yeh!!! I remember buying maple flavoured at co-op in Airdrie and it was so good. Also they sold saskatoon flavoured yogurt which was awesome, can’t find those in Norway, but you can pick them in Balzac, Alberta. I’ll save my yogurt containers to use.


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