How I Met My Husband…the conclusion

That was the shortest but most amazing visit! After Dave left for Calgary we were both left alone to figure out what all had just happened. When he got back home to Nova Scotia he called to tell me that he had bought three airline tickets: one for him to come to Montreal for a week in August; one for me to go to Nova Scotia for a week in October; and one for him to come to Montreal for two weeks at Christmas. We were set!

When Dave came to Montreal that August, we had the most amazing time – my son Steve drove us all over Montreal: to the Jean Talon Market, Mount Royal, St. Joseph’s Oratory, a great Indian restaurant, and we finished up at Universite de Montreal where he gave us a private piano concert.

At the Jean Talon Market

Over the course of that week we visited, we talked and talked and we realized that we were in love. Imagine falling in love with your best friend – that’s what happened to us. We kept marveling at how we could finish each others’ sentences; how the years had melted away and we were still as impressed with each other as we had been way back when, except now there was romance in the mix. On his last evening in Quebec, we went for a six-course gourmet meal at a little French restaurant in St Eustache. When Dave was paying the bill, the waitress made some comment to him about us. He told her he was going to marry me, but that I didn’t know it yet. 

In October I flew to Nova Scotia just in time for the Autumn Pumpkin Fest and I met some of Dave’s people. He had invited about 12 of his close friends to the house to meet me on the Sunday of my visit. Talk about feeling like a bug under the microscope! I think I did ok. When everyone finally left, Dave was a little antsy; said he wanted to take me for a drive. I went along with his idea, even though it was cold, windy and starting to drizzle rain. He brought his camera. We drove to a place called The Lookoff where we got out of the car to see the view. I kept saying, “It would really be beautiful if it was a nice day”, and wondering what we were doing there. Then Dave said he wanted to get a picture, and so he went back to the car for the camera. I was thinking that a picture in the rain was better than no picture at all, notwithstanding the fact that it was starting to get dark. Next thing I knew, Dave was down on one knee asking me to marry him and presenting me a ring! I was so taken aback; this was so unexpected that all I could say was, “You’re crazy!”  And he said, “Yes, but will you marry me?” Well, you know the answer to that.

And so we decided to get married in Montreal when he came for Christmas, 2009. My sister generously offered her house for the wedding and reception, and she prepared a huge Lebanese feast for the occasion.

My parents were there, as well as Dave’s sister and brother. My old friend Judy was there too; she was the one who had been talking to Dave about me and me about Dave all that time. Thank you Judy – we’re indebted to you!

Can you guess what I gave each attendee as a little gift? Look to the left of the cake and you will see square pans of Divorce Fudge with a little bag of lavender attached.

And now we’re living in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia and couldn’t be happier. That is the end of my story, but really it’s only the beginning…

4 thoughts on “How I Met My Husband…the conclusion

  1. This is an amazing start of a great story. I just love your writing style – you make the reader want to read on! Wish you well and hello to Dave. Bob


  2. Raylene, thank you for all the great comments and support! I’ll look very forward to seeing you this summer – when and where will you be here? hugs XO


  3. That is just a beautiful story! I’m trying to type between the tears.Romance is still alive despite what some people think about people of” our tender age”.
    I am truely so happy for the both of you and like I said before can’t wait to see you this summer! I know Eileen and I were both discussing how we were both going crazy waiting for your next blog !!! You’ll have to start another one very soon.

    Hugs to you both!


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