How I Met My Husband, Part 3

One day in February 2009, I had posted on Facebook that my car was in need of repairs. I can’t remember what the problem was or why I posted that. I guess I was sitting at home, bored because there had been a snowstorm, the schools were closed, and I had lost a day of substitute teaching. I received an email from Dave asking me about my car and also telling me that in Nova Scotia there had been a snowstorm so he had the day off. Hmmm…. We exchanged a few emails in quick succession, and then I wrote him, “ Why don’t you just call: 450 473 2629”. A couple of minutes later the phone rang and Dave and I proceeded to talk for the first time since 1994. The years melted away as we got caught up on each other’s lives, and we laughed and joked as if we had seen each other just the other day. Before I knew it, we were saying goodbye and an hour and a half had passed. When we hung up, I was still smiling at the connection we had just made, but I was sad as I thought of what might have been. We were both still in relationships and there would be nothing between us.

That spring I got an email from Dave telling me that he was going to Calgary to visit his son for a few days. He asked me whether or not I would be free for a coffee if he had a stopover in Montreal on the way. I told him I would be free indeed and would love to meet with him. And so the date was set for July 23, 2009. He had a five-hour stopover. Some of his friends told him that he could have gotten a better connection than that, but he told them it was ok. That would make for the longest coffee in history! I marked the date on my calendar, asked if I could have the day off from work at the Lavender Farm, and then I told my mother. Well. She was about as excited as I was. She remembered Dave from his visit in 1975. (Do mothers ever forget anything?).

In the interim, both of our other ‘relationships’ had ended, and we had started talking on the phone regularly. The friendship grew. Both Dave and I had ‘injuries’. I had cut my foot terribly and was on crutches, and Dave had put out his back. So when July 23 arrived, I planned a picnic for us in Dorval on the shores of the Lake of Two Mountains. I packed chocolate, fruit, sandwiches and some other treats in a big cooler and put it in the car along with my crutches and a couple of chairs. When we met at the airport, there were bear hugs and smiles on both our parts and maybe a hint of anticipation. We headed down to the aforementioned park, Gimpy and Gumpy, and sat there for hours, talking, reminiscing and discovering. Oh and we ate a little as well. That’s not all we did…

First Kiss

To be continued

2 thoughts on “How I Met My Husband, Part 3

  1. I’ll try to finish in the next one – trying to keep each entry short so as to not bore anyone! Have fun with Eileen bag – have one on me. hugs!


  2. I loved this part ! Can you please do a quickie part 4 & 5 together??? This is really going to drive me insane !! You see when I read a book,I read the 1st few pages,the last few pages and then I decide if I’ll read the entire book lol!!!

    Going to to see Eileen on the weekend! Looking fw to that!
    BTW,how long was this kiss ????

    Keep the stories coming faster …. p l e a s e ????


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