How I Met My Husband

The cold dark days of February seem to be a time of reflection, and I’ve been thinking lately of how my life has changed since February 2005. Back then I was newly single after a 21year marriage and had just moved into a little house in Deux Montagnes, Quebec with my three children. I had time on my hands as I was not working, and I was so overcome with grief that I couldn’t see straight. I would sit on the couch in my living room and look out the window at the snow falling on my cookie cutter street. It was a cookie cutter street because all the houses were the same, they were very close together and the yard was the size of a postage stamp. Most of the houses on my street housed young French families, and here I was, 51 years old, English and alone. I wondered what would become of me.

Fast forward to February 2011…here I am living in rural Nova Scotia with my wonderful loving husband whom I love so very much.  We live on a crescent in a little town in an area where there are neither sidewalks nor street lamps. When we go for a walk in the evening we have to bring a flashlight. And I am living the life I have always wanted to live. Six years ago I didn’t know that this life was waiting for me. But it was.

How I Met My Husband

Back in 1973 when I was a student at St Francis Xavier University I had a little job a few hours a week at the information booth of the Student Union Building. My job was to answer the phone and give out keys and information, also to man the lost and found drawer. It was there that I met a young man who would become one of my best friends and thirty-six years later, my husband. Since I was the dispenser of information, he asked me, “How many legs are there on a snake?” And so a friendship started. It’s funny, but back then we never dated or were romantic. We were just friends and we stayed that way for the duration of my time at St FX until I graduated in 1975.

In the summer of 1975 he was on his way to Lewisporte, Newfoundland to get married, and on his way there he had to pass through Corner Brook, where I was home for the summer. So he stayed at my parents’ place for a couple of days and I showed him the sights of the West Coast of Newfoundland. He met all my family, and my mom just loved him because of his lighthearted spirit and his ability to make me laugh.

A view of Corner Brook

And then he left Corner Brook and got married. We went on our separate ways; he ended up living in Nova Scotia with three children and I ended up married with three children and living in Quebec. We had no contact for many years until he called me out of the blue in 1994. We chatted a bit, but we each were still entangled in our respective lives.

To be continued…..

9 thoughts on “How I Met My Husband

  1. old bag says it all very well… Thanks for putting it to words for those of us of few words, bag! I remember Chris at the info center, her smile or laughter was so warm and welcoming. Also remember visiting you in Northern Alberta and then moving to Calgary, lots of great memories from then.


  2. Looking forward to the next installement(s)! Wonderful!


  3. OMG,I had no idea of your years after X.I searched high and low but you seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth! Didn’t realize you worked while at X so that accounts for all the times you weren’t able to make the “liquor run ‘” for all lol! Well girl ,someone up above was watching over you because you have the man of your dreams who by the way “was ” many years ago but for some unknown reason you had to endure pain and suffering before the plan was to be in place and you would get your prince charming finally.You have a wonderful man to share the rest of your life with! 3 awesome sons who adore you.What else could one ask for??

    God does not give us more than we can endure,and you are living proof of that! Raising children in a stable homelife is the most difficult of jobs and you did it alone which tells us alot about your strong character.Well my well deserving friend,I can’t wait for the next part and you know how much that drives me insane! Always be thankful and I know you don’t have to be told that and I can’t wait to get together this summer! I’ll go to Korea tomorrow lol!!


  4. So sorry all this stuff happened to you. Wish I’d known I would of tried to help or support you. Please continue telling us this story I’m so glad you found true love. It was meant your boys come on the earth and through a series of strange events you end up with the exact one God had for you. God is in the business of restoration and repairing broken lives.


  5. Continue, continue!!! I am ever hopeful (altho I don’t remember having ANY friends when I was in university…..)


    • I’m sure you did…knowing you. I’ll be writing more over the next week or so; just trying to sort it out and get it all down. Everyone tells me that we have an amazing love story so I guess we must – you’ll have to be the judge!!


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