Pass the Rice Please

In Korea, everything is different. I mean, everything that you eat at home is different here. Not always better, just different. They have rice with every, and I mean every meal: rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, rice for supper and everything in between, incluing dessert. Imagine going to Korea and not liking rice? I have been a rice-hater from way back.

We went to Jeju Island for a three day side trip. Our 50 minute flight left early in the morning and so on arrival we were all starved.  (Just give me a coffee and a piece of toast and no one will get hurt.) Well. We stopped for “breakfast” at a little ocean-front restaurant. I put breakfast in quotation marks for a reason. The meal consisted of (you guessed it) rice soup, rice, seaweed soup and side dishes. Well, one of the side dishes was some kind of a mushroom coated in egg and fried. Sort of like a mushroom omelette, but bite sized. I had two bites. Other side dishes included the ever-present kim chee, chopped giant radish with red pepper hot sauce, seaweed, bean paste and cabbage leaves…and all this before 10 AM.

My disappointment in breakfast was overridden by the sheer beauty of Jeju. The beaches and scenery were amazing! There was volcanic rock everywhere: fences were built with it as were pathways, sculptures and just about everything else one could imagine. And while the weather was freezing in Seoul, the orange trees in Jeju were laden with fruit. It was warm!It was easy to forget about my rice adventures amidst all this beauty and adventure. Stay tuned for fish fat

4 thoughts on “Pass the Rice Please

  1. I like this post. I tried to do the little box but the system didn’t like my identity so I gave up, even though I like this post.

    Keep on keeping us posted. Do you like kimchee anytime after 10 o’clock in the morning?


  2. I have never seen you “airborn” before. You must have a blast


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