Holy Crap! It Works!

I’m a Dragon’s Den junkie, I’ll admit it. Every Wednesday evening finds me in my rocking chair, remote poised,  and ready to see what the rest of Canada has been up to, as far as inventing goes. A couple of months ago there was a couple from BC with a cereal they called Holy Crap! The Dragons were intrigued. I was intrigued. I think the whole country was intrigued. Anything that can make you “go” is intriguing, I guess. Anyway, Holy Crap was the biggest success story on Dragon’s Den to date.

I wanted some of this cereal right now. After going on the site, I discovered that it was 11.95 a bag, and you had to buy three bags. And it was backordered. Well what did I expect? The two main ingredients, the ones filled with vitamins, omega-3’s, antioxidants and fiber, were chia seeds and hulled hemp seeds. Now Aaron tells me there is a lot you can do with hemp, but we were obviously not thinking of the same thing…

Now what does Holy Crap have to do with O magazine? I’ll tell you. I received the December issue of O magazine in my Christmas stocking. There were some great recipes, as usual, but there was one that got me to thinking. It was a recipe for Pumpkin Granola, and it claimed to be low in fat. I was interested….what would happen if I made Pumpkin Granola and added in the essential Holy Crap ingredients? I gathered all my ingredients together and experimented. I easily found the chia and hulled hemp seeds at Bulk Barn.

Holy Crap! It tastes great!

Holy Crap! It works! (you get my drift, right?)

A star is born…

Here are some of the ingredients for Holy Crap Spiced Pumpkin and Brown Sugar Granola:

cup canned pumpkin puree, brown sugar, old fashioned rolled oats, chia seeds, hulled hemp seeds and dried fruit

And the full recipe is in my new book, Eat Where You Are: A Memoir in Recipes, which can be found at http://www.eatwhereyouare.wordpress.com



4 thoughts on “Holy Crap! It Works!

  1. I’m expecting to see you on Dragon’s Den some time soon.


  2. Quite the name for a cereal.

    Does the granola taste like pumpkin pie? And can one add usual spices that go in pumpkin pie instead of using the pumpkin pie spice? What’s the difference between the two?


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