4:30 AM and All is Well

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or so the song goes on the Staples ads. Today is THE day – Aaron and Dave go for the first day of school and I shall be alone in the house for the day. What to do? I had been thinking of all the various things I could do: work on my cookbook, go shopping, do a Frenchy’s run, read all day, go exploring, apply for some of the jobs I have been talking about, or I could just stay at home and work on some crafts for my upcoming shows. Decisions, decisions…

However, it is now 4:30 AM and I have been up for a couple of hours; couldn’t sleep what with the heat and humidity that precedes hurricane Earl, and also with a bout of conjunctivitis that is driving me nuts. I have always had the firm opinion that if you can’t sleep, then you get up and do something productive. So, for the past couple of hours I have read, nursed my eye, played a few games on facebook and fretted about being too tired to do all of the wonderful things I have lined up for the day.

Maybe I should just go with the flow and let the day unfurl, with or without me.

Sometimes I think I worry too much…

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