Birthdays. Some people choose to ignore them, some refuse to tell their age, and yet others clamor for attention on that one day of the year that is all their own. Then there are people who decide to seize the day, get dressed up and do something special.

People have an image of the birthday person being treated to a restaurant meal by a multitude of close friends. And in the family, well there are the surprises and love being shared all around, right?

Well, it’s been a little over seven months since I moved to Nova Scotia and to tell the truth, I don’t have a multitude of close friends; I don’t even have one. So when my birthday arrived I had to amuse myself. I think I did alright….

I got a Skype call from my son in Korea to ponder life’s little idiosyncrasies

Walked to Frenchy’s and bought a beautiful Nantucket vase for 1.25

My other son,  Steve called to chat.

Talked to various friends and family until there was no charge left on the phone

Lurked on Facebook to see who had wished me Happy Birthday…

Got a “happy birthday” from Aaron as he was going out the door. I didn’t even know he was aware it was my day; and later on when he came home from school he had a 14 lb gift for me in a brightly wrapped box. (No, it wasn’t a dog)

My sweet husband brought home roses and supper!

Dave made me a perfect drink: lemon squash, 7 up and vodka and then had one with me.

I received a surprise in the mail from my kindred spirit, amazingly loyal and loving friend.

And in between phone calls I read a little, knit a little, went for a walk and did some gardening.

Although I missed my friends and sister in Montreal, all in all it was a great day.

Now my fantasy birthday would have included a trip in a hot air balloon while sipping on a pina colada, followed by a fancy dress up dinner at some exotic restaurant; and then to come home to a key lime cake with cream cheese frosting  from We Take the Cake.

Maybe next year…

4:30 AM and All is Well

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or so the song goes on the Staples ads. Today is THE day – Aaron and Dave go for the first day of school and I shall be alone in the house for the day. What to do? I had been thinking of all the various things I could do: work on my cookbook, go shopping, do a Frenchy’s run, read all day, go exploring, apply for some of the jobs I have been talking about, or I could just stay at home and work on some crafts for my upcoming shows. Decisions, decisions…

However, it is now 4:30 AM and I have been up for a couple of hours; couldn’t sleep what with the heat and humidity that precedes hurricane Earl, and also with a bout of conjunctivitis that is driving me nuts. I have always had the firm opinion that if you can’t sleep, then you get up and do something productive. So, for the past couple of hours I have read, nursed my eye, played a few games on facebook and fretted about being too tired to do all of the wonderful things I have lined up for the day.

Maybe I should just go with the flow and let the day unfurl, with or without me.

Sometimes I think I worry too much…