Letter to my cookbook…

Dear Cookbook,

In January I made a resolution to have you finished by June18, the date of the Canadian Christian Writers Conference in Guelph, Ontario. I had great plans to have your manuscript critiqued by someone at the conference who knew what they were doing. My goal was to have 100 recipes, complete with photos and stories. Well, that was my plan. That was my New Year’s Resolution.

I’m sorry to have to tell you, but to date you have only 67 recipes. They are good recipes, though, with interesting stories. However, with June 18 just three days away I am still short 33 recipes. Where did the time go? Well, I’ve had a lot on my plate these past few months; excuse the pun! Newly landed in Nova Scotia and newly married, I just could not give you the time and attention you needed and deserved. I was also dealing with my son’s angst at being uprooted from his home and native land. I know, they are all just excuses.  I could have, no, should have given  you the time you needed, instead of zoning out on the computer, playing mindless games for hours on end. But I hurt. And when I am not at peace with the world, I cannot write.

“Well, they’re just recipes”, you say. I want each recipe to have a story, and that’s where the creativity comes in. The creativity I didn’t have is what I mean.

“Writer’s block?” , you say. Well, I’m sorry, but that’s what it was. I have to tell you, I’m doing better now, life is settling down and I will have more time for you.

“A new goal?” you say. OK. How about if I get your 100 recipes done by the end of July and do some research on getting you published or self-published in time for the craft shows of autumn.

Once again, I’m sorry for putting you on the shelf. I’ll try to do better in the next couple of months. After all, you are still  my number one project.



4 thoughts on “Letter to my cookbook…

  1. op2rules was here (tl;dr)


  2. Hi Chris,

    I can so relate to you. I have a daughter going through stuff and I constantly get swept into the vortex. It saps all my energy and make me useless for anything but mindless Wii games. But this too shall pass.


  3. Touche! the jam and pie are in the works! I’m going to NL next week and will raid Mom’s recipe cupboard.


  4. Dear Chris,
    Stop beating up on yourself. You have very important things to take care of. You have made a good start on me. You are two thirds of the way there. But why are you stopping at 100? You are being somewhat ambitious by trying to get me finished by the end of July. Give yourself until the end of August.

    Please make sure that you include a recipe for bakeapple jam and partridge berry pie.

    yours faithfully,
    Chris’ cookbook


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