Giving it up

No, I’m not talking about giving up food for Lent or anything like that, notwithstanding the fact that Lent has long passed. I’m talking about giving up my desire to keep Aaron here in Nova Scotia for the next couple of years. He has been so unhappy these past three months and hasn’t really given Nova Scotia a chance. He wants to go back to Quebec and live with his father. What can I say? I have tried to point out to him all the advantages of staying; that he really has a much better life here, if only he would give it a chance. He has steadfastedly  maintained a “no friend” status and  spends his evenings and weekends alone, in the basement, on the computer, communing with his friends in Quebec via Skype. Doesn’t he realize that going to live in Trois Rivieres he will still be miles away from his friends? And that he will have to make yet another adjustment to another way of life? They say that youth is wasted on the young. I concur.

I can’t say at 56 that I am ready for an “empty nest”. Since he came screaming into this world sixteen years ago, Aaron and I have been apart for only one month. Now he risks to be gone for months at a time. I am sad.

In evangelical circles they talk about giving a situation “up to God”, meaning that God will take care of things in His time and that I have no business worrying about it. And I have been worried, so much so that it’s affected every facet of my life for the past three months. Well, I’m done. Now its God’s turn.

Bring it on!