Garbage Day, the High Point of My Week

Hooraaay!!!! Its Garbage Day in Coldbrook!

I have been living in Nova Scotia for about a month now. Since that time there have been two, yes two garbage days. Are you surprised? I was too. I mean, where I came from, Deux Montagnes, QC, we had garbage pickup every Tuesday and recyling  every other Monday. And we complained because we could only put in the garbage what could fit into the big green bin. Mind you, it could NOT be overflowing with things piled up so that the cover wouldn’t close. Our freedom was that we could put whatever we wanted into that bin.

Not so in rural Nova Scotia. Here we have a compost bin, about the size of the recycling bin in Deux Montagnes. Into that goes all the compostable waste. I don’t know who composts it or where it goes, but it goes out on garbage day, once every two weeks. Can’t wait until summer – can you imagine the smell?

The glass and metal garbage goes in one bag; the paper garbage goes in another bag, and the plastics go in yet another. We collect all this garbage for two weeks before it goes out, along with the compostables. In addition to this we can put out two bags of “just plain garbage”, but God help you if you put something into the “just plain garbage” that should have gone into one of the other categories. The bag gets tagged and returned to you. Now if  we had more than two bags of  “just plain garbage” we could always ask a neighbour who wasn’t so wasteful if we could add to his pile and most people readily comply.

Can you imagine, two households worth of stuff  and trying to fit it all in one house? Well that’s what Dave and I are trying to do. So now we do the triage as we try to fit it all in the house: garage sale? garbage? recycling? give away? give to the neighbour’s garbage? What a dilemma! And so there is a lot that goes to the street on garbage day. There is also an increasing pile in the basement for the “mother of all garage sales” around the end of April.

Twice a year, and I mean only twice, you can put out whatever you want in whatever manner you want: furniture, appliances, paper, plastics, a hundred garbage bags, whatever; and they will take it all! Guess when we’re having the garage sale?  Just before the once-a-year-or-you’re-stuck-with-it-for-another-six-months! That brings us to the end of April. Come on over!

Our work of art...will they take it or tag it?

Will they take it or will they tag it??

The song, “Getting to Know You; getting to learn all about you…” comes to mind.

4 thoughts on “Garbage Day, the High Point of My Week

  1. Christine, the City of Guelph has a similar policy with the various bags. We dealt with it throughout university. Green bags were for waste-food, personal items etc. (and heaven forbid you put something in there that didn’t belong…it was not taken away!), Blue bags were for all things recyclable and White bags for everything else! We were poor, starving university students and had to buy 3 different kinds of garbage bags! Not to mention, deal with roommates who couldn’t be bothered to properly sort their garbage and then have 6 bags sit on the side of the road for over a week because they wouldn’t take them…only to have a crazy roommate drive over them with his car!!! Once we got used to it however, we loved it. I miss it now…hopefully we’ll be back there one day soon! I am sure a garage sale will help to get rid of the ‘stuff’ piling up in the basement and it’s great you can get rid of it all right afterward!


  2. OMG I strongly dislike when I travel to the ‘Mainland’ and get to a restaurant or airport where you have your tray in one hand and umpteen choices in the other… plastic, recyclable, paper, garbage…I know it’s good for the environment but not everyone labels it the same so it can be confusing…and , Chris, remember, you were the only people I knew in Corner Brook with a Garbarator ?? That would take care of your compost ! Yep, I can imagine how fitting that song is…(I know we shouldn’t be eating in restaurants with food served on trays, in our old age…)


  3. Yeah, it’s like that too here in Les Cedres. They pick up the Recycling every week, but the garbage collection is only every 2 weeks… and the garbage bin is much smaller than the recycling bin. pretty stupid in my opinion, especially with the smaller bin!!!!!


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