Valentine’s Days Remembered

Valentines Day. You either love it or you hate it, but it’s almost impossible to ignore. Many single people try to  ignore it because it’s just a reminder that the only valentine they get might just be from Mom. Couples don’t seem to have any choice but to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what with all the publicity it gets in  the media. You can’t go anywhere once the Boxing Day sales are over, without being inundated with taunts, pleas and reminders to DO something about this special day.

I remember  Valentine’s Days with my ex. He was never one to do much; one year I got some dollar store chocolates, another year it might be flowers from the flea market in St Eustache. I liked them. Our last Valentine’s Day was in 2004, and it was honestly so uneventful, I don’t know if we celebrated or not.

My last three Valentine’s Days, however, have been meaningful, momentuous and memorable. Let’s see, on February 14, 2008, I found  myself in North Carolina visiting my old flame, Dan. He bought me a plane ticket to go there because he had something important to tell me…you guessed it; he proposed. How romantic! How original!  Well, that fizzled out before 2008 was finished.

And then on February 14, 2009, I was dating Roger dear, who also asked me to  marry him. What is it about these Southern men?? Roger was the guy who came from Michigan in his BBC (big, black caddilac). That also fizzled out before the summer of that year.

I guess Cupid was preparing me for the love of my life. (remember, you’ve got to kiss a lot of toads before you finally meet your prince).  My story is the stuff of fairy tales, and I’ll tell you about it in another posting.  But  February 14, 2010 found me and my husband of two months (almost) sitting at Coco Pesto in Windsor, Nova Scotia, eating the most delectable meal imaginable, complete with wine, chocolate and romance. We decided to dress up for the occasion; Dave sported a shirt and tie, and I had on a skirt outfit, complete with my Max de Carlo boots; the sexy black ones with the red soles and  heels so high I could barely make it from the car to the door!

I liked that Valentine’s Day the best.

One thought on “Valentine’s Days Remembered

  1. You haven’t put a link to my site yet 😛

    Jonas and 깅힌 are skiing on the slope until about 10:00pm. I’m at the ski resort.

    Learning Korean is coming along pretty good, actually very fast so I’m told, but nothing’s more annoying than trying to figure something out and having to ask 5 people for help.

    Anyway, this guy is smoking in the PC방 and it’s driving me nuts, so I think I’ll sign off and get out of here.


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