AA= Aaron’s Angst

AA = Aaron’s Angst

As the moving van was pulling out from our now empty house, Aaron said to me, “I don’t know why we have to wait another day and a half to leave for Nova Scotia. Why can’t we just start driving now?” He was right. It was only 1:30 PM, the weather was beautiful, and the car was packed. 

So we left Deux Montagnes and headed East, to Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, my waiting husband, Dave, and our new home. The drive was incredibly easy. My GPS was set to the right address and we had summer driving conditions. After an overnight in Edmonston, New Brunswick we arrived in Coldbrook mid afternoon the next day. Aaron was very quiet during the drive. I thought it was just because he was bored with me; but I slowly started to realize that he had been very quiet these past three weeks as the move was looming. In fact, he was very slow to start packing his room and all his computer things.

Now we have been here for three days. The first couple of days Aaron set up his computer system and Dave occupied him with a couple of chores. And this morning Dave took him to visit his new school where he’ll start next week. He met all his new teachers and got his locker. He was back in the house at 9:30 and went directly downstairs to his “stuff”. Next thing I knew he was in bed. He really didn’t want to talk about it and I decided to not force the issue.

My baby is suffering and I feel powerless to help him. He already misses his house, his brothers, his friends and his school. And there are another five days before he formally starts in his new school…

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