Aaron’s Christmas Project Results

Aaron’s Christmas Project Results

Christmas has come and gone, and it’s New Year’s Eve here in the cold frozen North. It was quite a whirlwind of activity the past month, what with work, my wedding and Christmas, all in that order. And a splendid Christmas it was, celebrated with my new husband, my parents and many other family members.I must tell you about Aaron’s Christmas Project and how it turned out. Let’s see, I gave him the paper with the “rules” on November 26, so he had ample time to observe and take information on the five recipients of his gifts. Remember, he had to give gifts that showed how he noticed what the other people might need, want or have an interest in.

On December 15, Aaron said he was ready to go and do some serious shopping at Wal Mart. I left him there for an hour while I went to do groceries at Super C. We were to meet back at the entrance of Wal Mart at precisely 7:45PM. Well I finished the groceries with 20 minutes to spare, and on arriving at the meeting place, he was already there with his bulging bags. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a boy with a mission. This project was like a game to him, and remember, it didn’t cost him anything! There was just one more stop to make, at Timmies for, you guessed it, a mug. No, it wasn’t for me, although it was such a nice mug that I wished it was for me.

On December 22 Aaron disappeared into his room laden with gift bags, tissue paper and all the accouterments he would need to complete his project. Down he came some time later with four gift bags and one oddly shaped present, wrapped in red. There were no tags, so on Christmas day he had to peek in each bag to see whom it was for. Typical male stunt I guess.

The Results:
1. For Steve he got some high tech measuring cups because Steve doesn’t have all the kitchen equipment he needs in his new apartment.

2. For Daniel he bought a laptop lap desk. (that was the oddly shaped present). Dan was thrilled; said it was a perfect gift for him because he lives on his laptop.

3. Ted got the edible gift – Skittles and some other such candy that he began eating as soon as he opened his gift. You could say he liked it!

4. When I opened my gift bag there were two kitchen knives with the little indents on the sides which make that the food doesn’t stick. I couldn’t have chosen better myself!

5. My husband of three days, Dave, got the Timmies mug. Being that he is a coffee drinker and also that Aaron doesn’t know him very well yet, it was a perfect gift.

I give Aaron top marks for his project! Every gift was well thought out; he followed the rules right down to the last cent. Actually I had to give him some change for the final gift. Everyone loved their gift, especially Daniel, who, unbeknown to Aaron, had been wanting to buy a lap desk. When I asked Aaron what he thought of the whole exercise, he said that he liked it, especially because he didn’t have to use his own money and also because it made him think of the others.
We’ll definitely be using this plan next year, maybe with the added rule that he can’t buy anything that he bought in 2009.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!