Aaron’s Christmas Project

Aaron’s Christmas Project

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…time to start some gift shopping. In days of yore I used to do ALL the shopping; even gifts my kids would give to each other would have me involved. It made Christmas such a harried time that I dreaded it, what with baking, shopping, mailing, decorating, preparing surprises and just being a whirling dervish for everyone else. 

Times have changed, and so has my family. The older two have flown the nest, and so there is just Aaron and I here. Every year I have helped him decide what to buy the others, driven him around, and sometimes I just bought the gifts from him and he wrapped them. For the past five years he has bought me a Tim Horton’s mug, as they have a different one every year. I love them! However, last year when I was going to meet a friend at Timmy’s one day in early December, Aaron asked me to pick up my Christmas present mug for him. So I did. I had to wait a long time before he paid me for my gift, but there it was, wrapped in all its splendor and under the tree on Christmas morning.

There is something about all this that bugs me. Where is the spirit of giving? What ever happened to wanting to surprise someone with a well chosen gift? What about just thinking of someone else for a change?

Usually when I am brushing my teeth in the morning I am exercising at the same time: leg lifts, knee bends, twenty for the inner teeth and twenty for the outer. While exercising and brushing this morning I had the most brilliant idea. Talk about multi tasking! I had an idea for Aaron that might just revolutionize his gift giving.

Aaron is like most young people his age. He is not into thinking of others, well not in a giving sense. And his gift giving leaves a lot to be desired. So this year I have decided to give him 50$ to buy five gifts, one each for Dan, Steve, Mom, Dave and his cousin Ted.

The Rules:

1. He can’t buy anything at the dollar store.

2. He can buy only one of each gift. i.e. if he buys a mug for one person, he can’t buy a mug for someone else.

3.He has to spend all the money. He can spend five dollars on one person and fifteen on another; its all up to him.

4. Each gift has to show that he thought of something the person is interested in or something they like, not just any generic gift.

5. Only one food gift is allowed. i.e. if he buys coffee for one person, he can’t buy candy or chocolate for another person.

6. All shopping has to be done by December 15, wrapping done by December 20.

7. If he want’s to be driven to a specific store I’ll take him. All he has to do is ask.

Well, let’s see what happens. I can’t wait!

Stay tuned.