A Wrinkle in Pillow…the Conclusion

A Wrinkle in Pillow….the Conclusion

Well I was feeling quite suspicious by this time. Further investigation on my part revealed a white shirt that didn’t smell like any of my kids, and underneath it a mason jar filled with cigarette butts and, of all things, Ramen soup. By now my mind was in overdrive. “Nah” I said to myself, “There’s no way”.Always wanting to think the best and also that my kid is not capable of doing a nasty in my house, I went to Aaron with a blank piece of paper and pen and said very nonchalantly, ” Write out what went on here in my absence”. I got two lines out of him that basically said that he had had a party at the house with pot and beer.

“Not good enough” I said. “I want the “deets” “. So this time I got a page and a few tears. Seems that once his friends found out that I would be away for the week and that he would be staying at Dad’s, things got out of hand very quickly. News of Aaron’s party spread throughout the school like wildfire. At the end of it there were about fifteen young people attending, there was beer, pot, and for lack of something better to eat, dry Ramen soup. Somebody puked on my blanket. As the story went, he had appointed four friends to be “sargeants – at- arms”. Their job would be to make sure that no one, and I mean no one was allowed to go upstairs except for the bathroom. Also they would be the ones to stay behind and clean up the house afterwards. I have to say that they did an excellent job. They even washed my blanket!

So how, you might be wondering, did Aaron manage to pull this off without his father knowing? Well he told Dad that he was going to spend the night at his friend’s house. Dad didn’t think to call the friend’s father, and the friend said nothing of the sort to his dad. So Aaron was off the hook for the night.

But the question begs to be asked: Why was there a wrinkle in the pillow? Well, the four sargeants-at-arms were told that they had to spend the night at the house, and that they would be sleeping on the floor in the basement. One of them slept on my new pillow, hence the wrinkle and the grease.

There were a lot of lessons to be learned from Aaron’s party. Dad learned that you don’t take anything that a 14 year old tells you at face value. You check it out. Aaron learned that having a party is a lot of responsibility. Nothing went wrong, nothing was stolen, the house wasn’t trashed and nobody was hurt. But any and all of those things could have happened. I learned that my son needed tighter boundaries but also mercy from me.

Mercy in my definition is not getting what you deserve. Aaron did not get what he deserved. I figured he had learned his lesson all by himself.

And as I gained respect from my son, I also grew a few more grey hairs.

2 thoughts on “A Wrinkle in Pillow…the Conclusion

  1. Ha ha! Aaron has been VERY well behaved since that time…except for a call I had from the Deux Montagnes police while shopping in Vermont, September 2009…


  2. You’re in good company. In August 2009 I attended a wedding in Detroit. On the 2nd night there, at 2:30AM Det time, I get a call from the next door neighbor saying the party (WHAT party???!!!) was loud and out of hand and could I tell the folks to keep it quiet – 11:30PM there…ah the night was young. Some of the attendees were strangers, and my son’s efforts to eradicate them were met with drunken male testosterone, as best as I can tell. Ultimately, all the way from Detroit, I phoned the cops and explained my situation and to close down the local gin joint…which they apparently did.

    On my return pretty much the same story, bad masquerading of the booze and smoke reeked, the vomiting was done outside from what I could tell, and there was attendees from both sides of the aisle, meaning “mixed” boys and girls…I was afraid to ask if my room along with anything else had been “violated”, or illegal trespass had occurred, but I did have the carpets cleaned, furniture, etc…and the revelers did actually pay for this…at least all the furniture was still in one piece.

    Long story short, my now 20 year old, still living downstairs, is very trustworthy, keeps his nose and other parts clean, and is safely in school, so life’s lesson learned….
    You’re not alone in this world….


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