Divorce Fudge

Divorce Fudge

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good…..and His mercy endures forever!”

People who know me know that I am the Fudge Lady. It’s true, I make a fudge that is “to die for”, also known as sucre a la creme here in Quebec. I sell this fudge at craft shows every fall, and have a loyal following of customers who order from me during the year when they just have a yen for some meltinyourmouth sweetness.

However, very few people know why I call my concoction “Divorce Fudge”. It isn’t because my divorce was “sweet”, and it’s not even because the name irks my ex.

Let me tell you a little story of a slice of my life in the fall of 2005. You see, back then I was going through my divorce and racking up huge legal bills. I had no way to pay them, and my heart was so heavy that I just couldn’t see straight. Back then I was what I call a steady plodder, just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to live one day at a time, just trying to get through it all.

While pondering over the phone with a friend how on earth I was going to pay all those legal bills, she suggested that I sell my fudge. I told her that was a mountain too big for me to climb. I could make the fudge, but that was all. I was not emotionally able to drum up business for myself. So she offered to take orders for me. She told me to make a sample of the finished product and a plate of samples for her to pass around. So I did.

Divorce fudge 2009 002

Never underestimate the love of a loyal friend. Brenda passed out samples of my fudge to everyone in her entourage: the people at her bank, the cashier at Zellers, her mechanic, her family and her friends. Everyone loved the fudge! Every other day she would call me with ten orders, or twenty orders, or eight orders. The orders kept coming and coming until…I had enough to pay my lawyer!

And then the orders stopped. There were just no more.

So I became the Fudge Lady and I tell this story to anyone who will listen so that they can see that the amount of fudge I sold and the amount I had to pay the lawyer was not a coincidence but the hand of a mighty and loving God.

To date, Divorce Fudge has made it from coast to coast in Canada, also to several States. One pan even made it to Ireland! At the present time it is being sold sprinkled with edible lavender at Pure Lavande, the boutique where I work, and people are buying it and coming back for repeat purchases! It has been a little source of revenue for me for the past four years and I am thankful.

So on this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for a powerful God, my loving family and friends and also for Ted, my nephew and biggest fan.

To God be the glory!
Divorce Fudge lives on!

One thought on “Divorce Fudge

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