A Wrinkle in Pillow

A Wrinkle in Pillow

Did I tell you that in addition to being middle aged, muddle headed and menopausal I am also a single mom to Aaron, 15 years old? Nothing, and I mean nothing,could have prepared me for raising an ado son on my own…my two older sons were homeschooled and therefore didn’t have the life and pressures that Aaron has. Most of the time I am a suspicious person, a fact that has gotten me into trouble in the past, but in March 2008, suspiciousness might have been a good thing.You see, I had gone to North Carolina for a week to visit my fiancee (no, he is not my husband now, nor is he still my fiancee), and Aaron stayed with his dad. Sometimes dads are just not as suspicious as moms. I think we have a sixth sense. So when I arrived home, the house appeared to be just as I had left it…except for one thing. There was a couch cushion missing from the living room. It wasn’t hard to miss because there were only two of them and they were brand new. I did look around a bit for it, but not intensively. However over the next day or two, the missing pillow started to bug me and I asked Aaron if he knew anything about it.You have to understand that Aaron is not a person who will volunteer to do anything, and so when he said he’d look around for the pillow, I started to get suspicious. When he quickly emerged from the basement with said pillow, my radar was really on. Sure I was happy to see the pillow, but on examining it, I noticed that it had a wrinkle that wasn’t there before. I pointed it out to Aaron, and also noted that it looked as if someone had slept on it.Very nonchalantly he told me that he’d noticed an open window in the basement, and that probably someone had been in the house during our absence. I mean, it was winter and the snow was higher than the basement window. What would you think?To be continued…here:


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