Hello world!

MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009

A new blogginning

My son has been telling me that I should start a blog. People in my entourage have been telling me for years that I am good at writing and that I should get it down. Why, even my 80 year old mother has said the same thing. Truthfully, at this point I am not sure what a blog is. Enlighten me please. And be gentle with me.

I think I have always wanted to write but never have had the confidence to do it. It’s as if people would laugh at what I have to say, or to disagree with me. Well there are worse fates than that; and I would like to make people smile as they relate to what I have written.

I mean, I am just a middle aged, muddle headed single woman with three sons and an empty bed, who is prone to periods of extreme lucidity.

Come on in!

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